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Letter of Invitation

The “invitation letter” service is a formal document used to invite a foreign person to visit a specific country. This letter is requested by the person who wishes to invite the foreigner and must be sent to the potential visitor to present at the embassy or consulate of the destination country when applying for a tourist visa or another type of temporary visa.

The invitation letter may be required by immigration authorities as part of the visa application process, and its purpose is to provide information and assurances about the purpose and conditions of the foreign visitor’s trip. The letter must contain accurate and verifiable details about the person inviting, the reason for travel, the length of stay, the relationship between the guest and the host, and the inviting person’s commitment to cover travel expenses if necessary. necessary.

The essential elements that should be included in an invitation letter may vary depending on the country and specific immigration regulations. However, in general, an invitation letter may contain the following details:

  1. Host Information: Full name, address, phone number, and other contact information of the host inviting the visitor.

  2. Guest details: Foreign visitor’s full name, date of birth, passport number and current address.

  3. Purpose of the trip: Clear and detailed description of the reason for the visit, such as tourism, family visit, business, cultural events, among others.

  4. Travel dates: Indicate the guest’s expected arrival and departure date to the country.

  5. Accommodation Details: Information about where the guest will stay during their stay, whether at the host’s home, a hotel, or another location.

  6. Financial Responsibility: A statement that the host agrees to assume financial responsibility if necessary during the visit.


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