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The story behind the company

We are a company that has more than many years of experience meeting the immediate needs of New Jersey residents.

Our mission


From budding startups to established corporations, navigating the complexities of business can be daunting. That’s where PK MAX Consulting steps in. We’re a comprehensive consulting firm serving the New Jersey and New York region, providing expert guidance and a robust toolkit to empower businesses of all sizes at every stage. We partner with you, from the initial spark of your idea to navigating the intricacies of mature operations, ensuring your success throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

pk max consulting

-Building financial confidence: Our expert consulting and seamless tax solutions create clarity and control, fueling your personal and professional growth.


We are a company that has many years of experience meeting the immediate needs of residents of New Jersey and New York.

  • Strategy ignited, taxes optimized: We guide your decisions with customized consulting and ensure financial stability with accurate tax preparation.
  • From vision to reality: We translate your ambitions into actionable plans and navigate the tax landscape with expertise, paving the way for sustainable success.
  • Pk Max Consulting has everything in one place to help Spanish-speaking people who require assistance with their procedures and documents in general.
  • Based in Irvington, New Jersey, PK Max Consulting began its journey here. We understand the vibrant diversity that drives our community and are passionate about helping local businesses of all backgrounds thrive.
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